Monday, September 19, 2016



Its been a long time since i have posted any recipe on this blog... Life has been busy and also that to create recipes and post them in a way that they are easy to follow .. needs inspiration.
I had lost that urge to click pictures and bring those recipes to you all.

I have been regular on Instagram with my daily Thali or the daily meals that I make.. and many a times I had thought of making a blog post on the meals that I have on that day.. I might do that soon but I want motivation.. I want you to come and comment below and let me know if you would like my daily food to be put up here so that it inspires you to cook and gives you ideas regarding the meals that you can plan on a particular day. I plan my meals giving focus to the taste buds like , I try to match together a light non spicy vegetable with a spicy curry with the rice and vice versa. There are many such combinations that you can try while planning your daily meals.

I am going to start this series as I have motivation to do so, my son needs these new recipes which I am trying for him as he will be on his own studying abroad. He is studying in a place where there are no Indian stores and so getting Indian ingredients regularly is going to be a challenge.

Hence to help him with his daily cooking I have decided to come up with recipes that will incorporate the ingredients available to him . Although I would not have those ingredients here in India I will use the Indian substitutes for the same to create recipes which are easy , quick and nutritious.

My son has never cooked , I have always done everything for him and so for him to adjust to the new life and do everything on his own is going to be a challenge in itself.

I will be putting in new recipes but I might not always have pictures for it.. So please bear with me till I am able to upload the pictures. But for me the recipe post being posted is more important than the pictures as these recipes will help him cook his meals.

Thanks ...
Please comment and give me suggestions as to which recipes you would like me to add on my further posts.

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Sonal Uphale Breed said...

Hi mahek, please continue to post on your blog, i m a big fan of all your recipes and tried a few to great success :-)