Monday, November 23, 2015



I love walking into my kitchen in the morning and finding all those colorful things that I keep on the counter , I have a very small kitchen  barely enough for 2 people to stand and cook , I like to be alone when I cook so that I can cook with concentration and not be distracted .

It’s a pleasure to see a clean and shining counter every morning and so I make it a point to really shine it the night before using dish washing soap, dish washing soap works really well on granite and leaves it shiny and clean.

Kitchen is one place in the whole house where I spend most of my productive time and so as I always say it’s the little things that make your day, I have many things that I love looking at on the counter and on the kitchen shelves , off course it does get a bit congested but I feel what’s the use of those things that I buy with great pleasure , if they lie inside the cupboards unused and not serving its purpose.

Thats my kitchen for you... small but enough to give me pleasure.

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