Saturday, May 23, 2015


This is a quick dish for which the time taken is only that for boiling eggs.


This is a spicy tangy dish which is very versatile can be eaten as a sandwich, as a wrap or on its own. YUM!!
Boil some eggs.. I will say 2 which are enough for one person.

Add the following ingredients to it.

1 small onion finely chopped
1 small tomato finely chopped
1 tsp tamarind pulp
1 tbsp tomato ketchup
1 tsp chaat masala
½ tsp jeera powder
Lots of finely chopped coriander leaves
And a dash of freshly squeezed lemon juice.

Mix all the above ingredients in a bowl add salt to taste and finely add your coarsely chopped boiled eggs

Here you can control the amount of egg yolk you can add for those who are not allowed to eat the yolk can only use the egg whites while kids can enjoy the whole egg ..

For added taste smear a little bit of freshly made coriander chutney to your bun or roti before adding the mixture to make a wrap or a sandwich.

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