Tuesday, July 29, 2014


I have a new mobile and so.. clicking photos is easier and Instant and that's what I love about photography , I love the non-made instant pictures which are real and depict our daily lives.

I will be sharing a lot of such photos with you which will show you my day to day life and little snippets of what I like to look at as I go about my day.

On this blog I will put all the food related pictures.. either when I am cooking or when I am eating or just things needed for a meal are around me and which give me immense pleasure.

I will also put a caption as to what they are about.
Let me tell you that its not a high end mobile and so the quality of the pictures are not like the ones you see on my recipes, which are taken with either a regular NIKON or a DSLR CANON camera.

I would love it if you would comment and tell me if you do enjoy such everyday pictures so that I can continue sharing them with you.

Its your comments that keep us bloggers going...It would be lovely if I get suggestions from you regarding what you would like to see in my pictures.More the interaction the better .

I have put this picture , as the breakfast is a little different from those I make everyday, here you see that I have made OATS PARATHA AND NACHNI SATWA 
I will be putting the recipe of OATS paratha soon enough you will find the recipe of nachni satwa on this blog 
This is a complete breakfast nutritious and filling . If you have what you see on the plate it will keep you full till lunch time and you wont crave for other junk things.

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