Wednesday, October 02, 2013


This is a quick snack item..I call it a SEMI HOMEMADE DISH AS YOU USE ALREADY Made INGREDIENTS AND make something quick .As many of the ingredients in this dish are store bought I try to add some healthy stuff to the whole thing to make myself feel virtuous by increasing the nutritional value of that dish.

Here the only work that you have to do is the chopping, cutting and mixing.

Now here I will just give you the method with the ingredients required.
Take a bowl mix together finely sliced onions, finely sliced green, yellow and red pepper, a little cabbage, carrot all finely sliced. Add 1 tbsp of ready made schezwan sauce, 1 tbsp of tomato ketchup, a little pepper and salt.

Schezwan sauce gives the required heat and tanginess while the ketchup gives the sweetness, finally add the fried noodles ( these can be store bought or just fry raw dry noodles in hot oil till crisp ).
I garnished it with some sev .. to give it the regular chaat item type of feel.

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Shweta said...

Sounds fun n yum.. Might try soon��