Monday, July 29, 2013


MANGO season is almost over and this is the time when everyone craves for mangoes the most, as they are vanishing from the market and still you have its taste lingering on your taste buds.
So the best thing one can do now and the whole year round is simple , use a tinned mango pulp to create such a mango delight.

Simple and quick to make and so so tasty..


Add a 1/2 cup milk to every cup of mango juice, normally these tinned juice or mango puree are already sweetened so you need not add sugar.
churn in a blender to this add a spoon full of vanilla icecream.. churn again.
serve in a tall glass with a scoop or two  of ice-cream
and pour a spoonful of mango puree over the top..
This is a perfect drink on a hot and humid day.


kitchen queen said...

lip smacking and refreshing mango delight.

Supriya Nair said...

Mouthwatering delight. The colors are fantastic.

Kitchen Rhythms said...

Mangoes are my family favourite.this looks very appealing.

Anonymous said...

Awsuuuuum- priya