Tuesday, April 23, 2013


My son loves cheese especially mozzarella cheese . Whenever there is some occasion to celebrate.. ( I love the small celebrations.. which are not necessarily  for big achievements but small even silly things but its a celebration never the less ) .
I love to treat my son with something that's cheesy .
Yesterday he gave his computer aptitude test for an one month internship program which he did very well in and that was the reason for us to celebrate and what better way then to make him something with cheese..

I had bread, cheese and off course tomatoes and so I made this classic sandwich with cheese, tomatoes , salt and pepper. 
I know its something that is commonly eaten or cooked in the west , but here in India its not very common . I haven't eaten it before and after watching many programs which use this combination for variety of dishes especially in salads I thought i should make this for him .

I toasted them in a sandwich toaster grill by spreading a little butter on top.. 
It was yummy...
Served it with a bowl of strawberries.
Instant gratification for him...

He just loved it.
I love the plate too , I feel cheerful when I serve food in bright coloured dishes.