Wednesday, March 13, 2013


I love chaat, and i think almost all mumbaikars love chaat too, if you visit MUMBAI the city where i live you will find chaat shops almost at every nook and corner

Chaat is a sort of fast food in India especially in Mumbai, Its something which I wont call nutritious as there are lots of fried ingredients going into it.. But you can always make it healthier and more nutritious.
You can sneak in some whole sprouted pulses, potatoes, crunchy cucumber ,boiled corn,finely chopped carrots,finely chopped capsicum,tomatoes ...the list is endless let your imagination go wild ..with the thought of your child's health in mind.. You can always top it with cool , sweet curds. which are spiced with a little chaat masala.

I love dahi wadas the most, for which the recipe you will find on my blog . I normally combine the recipe of dahi wada and make it a little bit more nutritious by adding the following things sprouted moong, soaked and cooked kabuli chana, and some mashed spiced potato.
You feel less guilty when you eat something like chaat which is also nutritious.
Can any of you suggest some nutri-chaat items...

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Supriya Nair said...

I love this Chat and I live in Mumbai too....Mumbaikars cannot live without having chaats :)