Thursday, June 28, 2012


 "CHUTNEY" which can be also called as a dip or spread in the western world...
Here in India , chutney is normally eaten with a dosa or pancake made with various ingredients like rice, lentils etc... or as a spread on bread with other vegetables like tomato and cucumber.
This is a simple chutney which can be made in minutes and served with hot dosa.

I will give you the method and ingredients together as its very simple and does not need to have them separately.

in a blender mix together 1 cup freshly grated coconut ,small piece of ginger,
1/4 tsp cumin seeds, small very small if you have curd which is a bit sour or a
marble sized piece of tamarind , 1/2 tsp sugar, salt to taste and 1/4 cup curd
mix this together .. blend remove in a bowl and temper with a bagar or tempering of ghee, mustard seeds and asoefotida  

Easy , simple can be made when short of time. .

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Sangeetha said...

Hi Mahek,
Stumbled on your blog while hunting for a recipe. I liked all your blogs and that you take so much pleasure in the little things in life. Something to learn there! Your photos of Mumbai make me so nostalgic, as I am a Mumbaikar presently posted at Ahmedabad since the past 1 year. Love your kitchenware collection,good to know that I am not alone in collecting pretty kitchen items.You also seem to be an expert cook and I will be visiting again for more recipes. Do visit me.