Saturday, March 03, 2012


If you read my blog regularly you will know that I am a bit skeptical about using white flour or plain flour for my food. I normally substitute it with whole wheat flour and see if it tastes good ..
I know that the taste will differ but for me nutrition takes precedence over taste that’s when it comes to cooking my everyday or food that I cook regularly.. If I have to cook something once in awhile and that requires plain flour that I might think of using it .. I said I might think but eventually don’t use it Hahah…

So here I my version of Pancakes WHOLE WHEAT FLOUR PANCAKES..
Which I can assure you are as tasty and much more healthy than our normal pancakes, try one for your child and I am sure it will make you feel excellent.. Because you get that inner feeling of serving your family something that’s really worth the effort of making it from scratch.

Mix together  in a bowl 11/2 cup of whole wheat flour, one egg, ½ tsp baking powder, milk enough to make a runny batter about 1 cup approximately here you can add powdered sugar to taste or you can eat it with honey or maple syrup.

Let it stand for about ½ hour before making your pancakes
Heat a griddle and drizzle a little butter on it.. Pour a ladle full of pancake mix and cook on both sides..


kitchen queen said...

yummy pancakes

Raksha said...

Nice one, easy to make