Wednesday, June 23, 2010


I love this fruit BANANA, and its not now but it goes back a long time when i was little...
I remember that i was a picky and fussy eater and must have been a pain for my mom , when she watches me enjoying almost everything thats on my plate and being a real foodie..she always comments on how much trouble she used to have in order to make me eat a full fledged meal , and that there was always something on the plate which i did not like or did not want to eat.
But one thing i always ate with great gusto and that a banana , for me banana was a comfort food , a food which would fill me up when did not feel like eating, something thats good and nutritious and delicious too....
There was something else which i love eating no no!!!!! drinking and thats milk i love milk in any form and am always ready to gulp down a glass at any time of the day ( I will reserve a special post for my love for milk and tell you more about it).
Coming back to my love for bananas , I always have a few in my house and so they do tend to become overripe as i cannot finish them all by myself ( other members of the family are not as much of a banana fan ).
Normally i would just chuck them out but since i have been baking my easy and reliable blender or mixer cake i have never thrown a banana out , so for all those who face similar problems like me should give this cake a try...
 This cake ,which i made a couple of days back had choco-chips in them .I don't know why they all settled down at the bottom , if any of you reading this have any idea please let me know...
Recipe follows...
                                      BANANA CHOCO- CHIP CAKE
 In a blender or a mixer take 1/2 cup of sugar grind to a fine powder, add 1/2 cup vegetable oil ---blend,

add 2 eggs one at a time with simultaneous blending, add 2 bananas and mix, add 1 or 2 tbsps milk, add 1tsp vanilla essence or cardamom powder In the above cake i used cardamom powder ( which is normally used
in Indian sweets) . 

In another bowl take 11/4 cup of wheat flour add 1 tsp of baking powder and 1/4 tsp baking soda and put it through a sieve (better if you do it twice).

Take the mixer from the blender into another bowl and add the dry ingredient to it little by little .Mix them together, don't beat it in, just fold the wheat flour into the wet mixer.
Grease a medium sized pan and bake the above batter.
Eat this cake warm out of the oven, its heavenly to smell a freshly baked cake so full of bananas .

This is my own recipe which i have tried to make a bit healthier by using whole wheat flour and oil instead of  butter , the results are great and most important you dont miss the butter and white flour..
I am linking this recipe to this wonderful site

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