Tuesday, October 05, 2010


I love such parties where you plan on the spur of the moment and it turns out to be a real success, and I had two such parties in a span of 15 days YEY!!
Why doesn’t it happen often??? .

I know its true that one likes to have our parties well organized and planned , we like to be ready for the people we invite to our homes , we want to be all geared up and ready , radiant , smiling …. And that’s how it normally is …. I know that this is a recipe of a stress free, welcoming and cheerful feel.
BUT, BUT let me tell you, you can feel all this and a little more when you plan something impromptu and when you see the happy and contented faces of your guests as they take leave Hummm…. You wait to plan something like this again and that’s what happened with me not once but twice…

I have a close friend and her close friend who is also my friend… confused??? Don’t be….. It been ages since we had seen or visited each other as each one of us
Was busy with their own busy schedules especially with each having kids who need us while stepping into a new threshold of life i.e. from school days to college life or from college life to higher studies or professional studies … so this gave us very little time for each other and so the sudden urge or longing to meet and what?????
Talk, chat, gossip, praise, .etc etc….. (I have to admit I am the one who goes chatter chatter the most….).

So this is what transpired between the both of us….
Call from my friend “A” … Hey!!! Long time no see…
Me: Yap, It’s been too long ….
A: Are you free today? I have nothing lined up Kids in college, in-laws out, hubby at work... So what now…
Me: Great I am free too although not like you … I have hubby coming for lunch and sunny coming in a little late in the evening from college...
A: Great, “L” is free too… (L is a professor and as college has just started has half day today she would be free before time….)
Me: I am going to make soya-potato toast sandwiches for my family and I can make the potato filling a little extra for you both…
A: Wow!!! Not eaten a Soya-Potato toasted sandwich for a long long time… (Family does not enjoy eating and she does….)
Me: I will also make nice hot Nescafe for all of us … so come along….
A: I will be making some sweet modak for lunch today will get a few for us (one for each of us…)
Me: Yey!!! My Favorite….
A: will get in touch with “L” and let you know….

After 15 mins….

A: “ L” says she will come only if she can bring something along….she says she has some Bhel chutneys already made in the fridge and so she can get them along ..
Me : That’s perfectly fine… I have the ingredients for Bhel with me (I always have the ingredients as it’s an easy snack to be had with tea)
A: see you at 4.00pm

                           SOYA- POTATO FILLING

I felt so happy to be able to invite my friends over with no much effort and as they too got something with them they were also happy to be a part of it….

Now this party was a party with others contributing but one can invite someone  spontaneously and plan to make something like this a TOASTED SANDWICH, A SIDE DISH CAN BE GOT FROM A TAKEAWAY AND MAKE A NICE COLD COFFEE OR MILK SHAKE .
You can give a great party with minimum efforts…
About the second party I gave it a week after this one but sorry I did not take any pictures and the menu was...
Noodles (restaurant ...)
Dahi wada (made by me...)
Chutney sandwich...(chutney made by me...)


Anonymous said...

nice description..hpe u have many parties like these.we always have potlucks with friends

Kumudha said...

Wow! so many yummy dishes in the lunch boxes...

Thanks for sharing great recipes.