Tuesday, September 14, 2010


I try to plan my lunch boxes in such a way that I have to work for one and the other one is quick and easy .
I will be making a post on my lunch box planning and how I put it on paper and try to match the taste and the efforts put in making it... 

The above lunch box has:
ONION PARATHAS (recipe in my earlier post)
SEMOLINA OR RAVA UPMA (quick and easy to make)

I added some besan shev in the third cute tiffin box for garnishing on the upma when he eats...

Here ONION PARATHAS took some time to make but if you make the stuffing and the cover the night before they can be made in a jiffy without any efforts and they are very healthy and filling for your child.
This upma takes exactly 10mins to make if you roast the semolina in ghee a night before (pre-preparation is very essential, I normally roast about 1/2 kg of semolina and keep it in the refrigerator and it lasts for a very long time.)

I am sending this entry or post to this site which I think is wonderful

for the event on LUNCH BOXES


Aparna said...

I would be interested to read on your lunch box planning. I am always not prepared well the time comes for lunch boxes!

Margot said...

Great, thank you for your entry. I will include both of them in tomorrow's round-up :)