Wednesday, September 08, 2010


I am back again into the lunch box phase of my life...
I need to make 2 lunch boxes which are substantial enough to keep hunger pangs at bay. i do that for 5 days a week Saturday  and Sunday being a holiday . and i am really very excited about it...


Why is it that I love packing lunch boxes ?? Hummmmmm....

                               FRIED RICE WITH SCRAMBLED EGGS AND BANANA

I know why, I feel good when I can pack a nutritious tiffin box or boxes for my son, I know that I am fulfilling his nutritional requirements .I put in lots of effort in planning a proper meal for him . I never pack a box just because I have to give it to him but because I want and He wants to have it in his tiffin. 

                                                               CHOCOLATE CAKE

                                            CHUTNEY AND CHEESE SANDWICH      

  Here is a link for the  GREEN COCONUT CHUTNEY     
While planning I also have to take into account if the food will last that long and whether it does not taste yucky!!! when cold...(although hot food is always what a person loves to have) , but here in India colleges don't provide a microwave to their students.


His timing are quite hectic he leaves home at 7.15 am and is back by 7.00 pm and so misses out on breakfast and lunch too.

                                                 VEGETABLE PULAO

So I have to pack lunch boxes which will give him enough calories and that they should not be too cumbersome to carry , as he travels by bus , than train and then again a bus to reach college (If you know Indian traffic and Indian crowd) you will know that its a tough ride jostling and pushing through a crowded train or bus to reach your destination.

                                                              SWEET SHEERA
find this recipe in my next post.....
And so, I have made a list of all the things that he prefers for his tiffin and then I have made two columns
one for lunch box No 1, and Lunch box No 2.

                                                     EGG MAYONNAISE

I try to balance the preparation in such a way that I have to put in the most efforts for only 1 lunch box while the second can be made within 10-15 mins with a little bit of pre preparation.
Then I have made days like how people have ironing day, laundry day etc for homemaking I have a dosa day, a paratha day, pulao day.Not that i stick to what list I have made but it helps me when I run out of ideas for the next days lunch box.

That's what happened today , yesterday I had some guests at home for dinner and so by the time i finished everything it was 1.00 at night and so I did not have the patience to plan anything. But when the time came in the morning for me to make his tiffin box I took the easiest option of it all and it turned out to be good he enjoyed eating it .
all the above boxes have been featured in my earlier posts.

I am linking this to this wonderful site which is so helpful for moms like me who have to and offcourse love to pack healthy , nutritious lunch boxes for their kids.

You can go here to see the other lunch box updates...


Anonymous said...

Tahnk you so much for posting the lunch box items...Its very timely since my little one just started school and i am breaking my head over what to pack everyday...wher can I find the recipes to the items please?My email id is

Beta said...

Nice coocking...

Aparna said...

Hi Could you please post how you did the chutney sandwich which is in this picture.

kavita said...

Hi Mahek,
Nice to see nutrious tiffin pictures. My daughter will be joining primary 1 from Jan 2011 and your tips are definitely going to help me a lot. Appreciate if you also post the recipies for the same.

Mahek said...

Thanks friends for your comments and appreciation...
Aparna I will link you to my chutney recipe on the post
I will try to post the recipes for the dishes shown..
Some of them are already posted earlier but i will try to link them through the post.

Anonymous said...


Margot said...

Wonderful post Mahek, thank you for your entry! :)
I will be posting the round-up tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

Dear Madam,

I am writing to you on behalf our publishing house.

Could you please let us have your contact email ID as we would like to discuss something in an educational context with you.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you.
Yours sincerely,
Priya Arun

Mahek said...

Thanks you Priya,
I would love to be of help and would like to discuss too
If you could leave me your contact email on the comment section (will will not be published if you do not want to..) I will get in touch with you ..