Tuesday, May 18, 2010


I always look for ways to make my daily food more nutritious , off course the changes that you make in your food or your dish should not be so much that you don't feel like enjoying it any longer , so the change should be slow and gradual . 
Make one or two additions to your dish so that the change is not felt and you enjoy it nevertheless .
Normally when i make my food nutritious the choices are limited as certain dishes have to be cooked the way the always are and there is not much scope for change , especially the traditional dishes of any state , they have their own fixed recipe and their own charm so please don't try to change them to make them more nutritious.
But, but things like dosa's, paratha's, pulao's and dal's according to me are very very versatile and can be changed to suite our family's taste and nutritional requirement .
Hence is born a new dosa , i love trying out new combinations and some do taste odd which i do not post here but some come out really well and tasty... 
here is one such dosa , the original recipe you can read here which i had posted a while back....

In the above recipe i have added finely chopped methi leaves and also added some jowar atta
The procedure is the same .

I like it when the dosa is nice and fluffy as they fill you up easily especially for kids who count what they eat and who wont eat more than two or one at a time.

                                         NUTRITIOUS OATMEAL DOSA