Tuesday, April 06, 2010


My neighbor is from Kerala and her cooking style is so much similar to our goan cooking .
The reason probably being that they too use a lot of coconut and rice in their day to day food .
Now this dal recipe is my neighbor Smita's favorite recipe .


1 cup toovar dal
1/2 cup coconut grated
1 raw mango (small) chopped into large chunks.
1/2 tsp jeera whole
1 green chili (optional)
for tempering....mustard seeds, asoefotida , curry leaves and red chillies (2 small)

cook the toovar dal in a pressure cooker
Take a vessel in which you will make the dal and cook the raw mango pieces in it till soft
add the cooked dal
grind together coconut, jeera and the green chili
add it to the cooked and boiling dal
temper with the above given ingredients add more red chillies if you don't use the green chili
you can add a spoonful of lemon juice and thats optional too..


kitchen queen said...

nice simple and tasty sour mango dal.

Cynthia said...

Ouuuuu, mango dhal. I first had this in 2007 and have been hooked ever since! :)