Monday, March 29, 2010


Exam time is going on and so also munching time. I see to it that i feed my son wholesome nutritious food all the time , food which is less on oil and not many sweet dishes .

My son does get irritated to see nutri-food and he calls it at the table all the time , so he wants something to munch on in between meals ( I dont blame him because you need to distract yourself from your studies once in a while and what better than some munchies).

That reminds me, i will have to take some pictures of the munching stuff that i have for him which i choose with precaution as they are ready made and i do not like them to be too unhealthy.

The sandwich above is not something that i like to give him because i am not too fond of jams which are nothing but sugary water and preservatives but , i feel its a better eat compared to the other deep fried items that the kids prefer.

He likes his bread to be brown toasted with lots of butter and jam and i do indulge him .

Wednesday, March 03, 2010




I make buttermilk at home either from the curd which too is homemade or with the cream that is collected over a period of 8 days  (for the collected cream the starter or the initiator  is  a spoonful of curd  to which is added  the cream skimmed from over  the boiled milk and this is kept in the fridge  for as much time as you like, for me it takes about 8 days to get a substantial amount of buttermilk and butter, this is then churned after leaving it outside the fridge for about 5 hours or after adding about1/2 cup of warm water ).

Normally i make buttermilk kadhi or these dosas with the buttermilk that i get. These dosas are very versatile and you can use whatever you have with you the buttermilk helps in fermenting the batter and it does not have to be kept standing for a long time so you get instant dosas in no time.

In the above dosas i have used rice flour and semolina , the proportion varies as it does not matter what or how much of each you use . Take the flours in a vessel and add enough buttermilk to give the batter a dosa consistency .

Make dosas on a NON-STICK PAN just the way you do the other dosas