Tuesday, February 16, 2010



This is absolutely my version of quesadilla 
you can find out about the quesadilla HERE  
Frankly telling you i have never eaten a quesadilla before, i have always seen it in pictures or read about it on blogs and cook books but never really had the opportunity to eat  the real stuff . but offcourse i would love to get a chance to eat it (waiting for it.......).
The other day i had gone to one of my favorite markets i.e at Vile Parle , i just love being there i love to see the vegetable laden roads and loads and loads of fresh fruits and vegetables around.A trip to this market inspires me to cook something different ,something which i have not cooked before .
I must carry my camera to this market one day and click pictures of this wonderful place. So, back to what i was saying ..... that this market inspires me to cook something different..so while i was going about admiring the fresh vegetables i saw that one vendor had all these exotic vegetables like brocolli, red cabbage, red and yellow peppers, baby corn etc...(they are exotic in India because the prices for such vegetables which have recently  entered the local markets are quite high and not something one would eat on a regular basis , Its something that one buys once in a while and makes something which is appreciated and relished by all . 
Normally when i buy brocolli i just stir fry it in butter with salt and pepper to taste garnished with cheese for my son. So when i saw that this vendor had some lovely fresh and green brocolli florets i could not stop myself from buying them although they were very expensive and much above the price that i normally pay for a brocolli. Now stir frying this brocolli would give me only a little and not enough for all to enjoy and eat as brocolli shrinks on cooking . 
so i started thinking of ways to increase the total mass of my vegetable and also retain the taste .
On reaching home i remembered that i had some leftover rotis in  the fridge which gave me an idea of making rolls of the stirfried vegetables with roti..but then as i said that the visit to the market inspires me to make something different and so i thought why not make my version of quesadilla .I shredded one carrot, one green capsicum and the brocolli, stirfried it in butter with salt and pepper. 

I took a roti placed it on a hot griddle smeared it with some oil and fried it for some time then i spread the stir-fried mixture on top grated some cheese on top and place another roti to cover it, fried it again on the opposite side till nice and crisp .
My quesadilla tasted really yummy and was good for the first try.

Thursday, February 04, 2010


Pasta is a dish which my son loves , even the name of a baked dish makes him drool and a "baked dish" brings out an equal and opposite reaction from my dear hubby.Hahaha.... As for me i am with my son..Hummm....
So it always happens that we plan on making  a baked dish when my hubby has gone out for a conference and we really enjoy it together a great change from out daily meal of rice , roti , dal , and vegetable..
So a nice Pasta is a bonding dish for me and my son.

You will find the recipe here ,where i had made it baked but here i did not put it in the oven i just mixed the cooked pasta with blanched brocolli and white sauce .I garnished it with cheese when it was hot so that it melted right in.

It was so yummy and cheesilicious  ...Yumm.....
All the above photos where clicked by my son.. 


Whenever you read a book which is from a particular era you automatically get transported to that era, and thats what i love to experience , I love books which tell us about a certain time a certain period and the lifestyle of people..

I am reading a book called " The MAHARAJAS of INDIA " by Ann Morrow , It shows the way Indian Maharajas or kings lived during and post Independence... Its a great read for a person like me who loves to know about the day to day and the lifestyles of a certain section of society..



I also love to see the black and white photos i am always fascinated with black and white photography .


I love eggs as i feel that they are the most versatile food item that we have, if ever we have a kitchen catastrophe an egg comes to ones rescue . Scrambled eggs is my favorite breakfast and not only breakfast but i can have it for any meal of the day 
Scrambled egg which i make is simple just beat an egg with salt , Heat a pan with a little butter and pour the yellow mass of egg . let it fluff up while moving your spoon continuously in it.
Have your scrambled egg with butter toasted bread .

What is your easiest and most favorite breakfast?