Friday, December 31, 2010


Hi, Friends

I have had a really busy month of December , had lots of friends and family over , my sons semester exams are on (so no tiffin boxes....) and hence lots of work and no time to sit and write at the computer . Here is an glimpse of a few...

This are only some of the things that I have cooked , I have been so busy that I could not click some photos in the rush to serve my guests with hot food.


Tuesday, November 30, 2010


I made Instant ONION UTTAPAM  for August as I did not share my recipe with you then (there are many such....)Here I am sharing it with you...
This is a nice and tasty dish which can be  made in a jiffy without prior preparation and by having only a few ingredients at home ...

I will write the method and the Ingredients together as they are very simple and straightforward .

METHOD: Take a cup of yoghurt or curd as we call it , churn it a little to make buttermilk...
To this add about 11/2 cup semolina or Rava or Suji as it is commonly called in India.
add about 1/2 cup rice flour...
Let this mixture stand for sometime for about 30-45mins
Finely chopp some onions..and some fresh green coriander.
You can add a pinch of baking soda or eno fruit salt to this mixture but I do not do so.
Heat a griddle till nice and hot...
Pour 2 spoons of batter and move it to make a nice and thick round dosa
Sprinkle a spoon of the finely chopped onion and coriander mixture
turn when cooked and let it cook on the onion side.
serve hot with sambar, and chutney

METHOD: Take a cup of yoghurt or curd as we call it , churn it a little to make buttermilk...
To this add about 11/2 cup semolina or Rava or Suji as it is commonly called in India.
add about 1/2 cup rice flour...
Let this mixture stand for sometime for about 30-45mins
Finely chop some onions..and some fresh green coriander.
You can add a pinch of baking soda or eno fruit salt to this mixture but I do not do so.
Heat a griddle till nice and hot...
Pour 2 spoons of batter and move it to make a nice and thick round dosa
Sprinkle a spoon of the finely chopped onion and coriander mixture
turn when cooked and let it cook on the onion side.
serve hot with sambhar and chutney.
I even packed a couple for my sons lunch box too ...
It makes a good lunch box food as it remains very moist even if its eaten after about 3 hours...

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Two of my son's favorite dishes ...

On the right side you can see what we call as BHAKRI and on the left is POTATO PHODI....
BHAKRI CAN BE MADE WITH ANY TYPE OF FLOUR BY ADDING ONION, COCONUT ,AND CHILLIES... For the recipe you can click here and do a search on my other  blog to get rest of the bhakri recipes..

Potato phodi is something that my son loves to have with variety of things as a side dish and the most favorite is varan or dal rice , you can have them just on their own , or sandwiched between two slices of bread , or make thin strips out of them and roll them in a roti  the variations are endless , only one has to use ones imagination at the right time....
I normally make these for his birthday or as a special treat for him ....
The day I made this for his lunch box,  I did not tell him what was in the lunch box just packed it saying I had given him Upma (he does not like to have upma cold -- but has to as there is no microwave available in the college) .And my baby made a face while keeping it in the bag...(shhhh... doesn't like me to call him my baby you know.......).

I could imagine his expression when he opened the box and had it for lunch.Such bliss!!!!! Knowing that what you have made will be relished and eaten with a contented heart...


Peel and slice potatoes into thick pieces , If you take two medium size potatoes add 1 tsp chilli powder , 1/2 tsp haldi powder, 1/2 tsp dhania-jeera powder ,salt...smear it with these spices and then dip them in coarsely ground rice flour powder and shallow fry in oil on a can cover them when cooking on the griddle remove when ready and crispy on both the sides... 

you can find the recipe of BRINJAL PHODI which I made earlier here

I am sending this recipe to this event here  An event for LUNCH BOXES....

Tuesday, October 05, 2010


I love such parties where you plan on the spur of the moment and it turns out to be a real success, and I had two such parties in a span of 15 days YEY!!
Why doesn’t it happen often??? .

I know its true that one likes to have our parties well organized and planned , we like to be ready for the people we invite to our homes , we want to be all geared up and ready , radiant , smiling …. And that’s how it normally is …. I know that this is a recipe of a stress free, welcoming and cheerful feel.
BUT, BUT let me tell you, you can feel all this and a little more when you plan something impromptu and when you see the happy and contented faces of your guests as they take leave Hummm…. You wait to plan something like this again and that’s what happened with me not once but twice…

I have a close friend and her close friend who is also my friend… confused??? Don’t be….. It been ages since we had seen or visited each other as each one of us
Was busy with their own busy schedules especially with each having kids who need us while stepping into a new threshold of life i.e. from school days to college life or from college life to higher studies or professional studies … so this gave us very little time for each other and so the sudden urge or longing to meet and what?????
Talk, chat, gossip, praise, .etc etc….. (I have to admit I am the one who goes chatter chatter the most….).

So this is what transpired between the both of us….
Call from my friend “A” … Hey!!! Long time no see…
Me: Yap, It’s been too long ….
A: Are you free today? I have nothing lined up Kids in college, in-laws out, hubby at work... So what now…
Me: Great I am free too although not like you … I have hubby coming for lunch and sunny coming in a little late in the evening from college...
A: Great, “L” is free too… (L is a professor and as college has just started has half day today she would be free before time….)
Me: I am going to make soya-potato toast sandwiches for my family and I can make the potato filling a little extra for you both…
A: Wow!!! Not eaten a Soya-Potato toasted sandwich for a long long time… (Family does not enjoy eating and she does….)
Me: I will also make nice hot Nescafe for all of us … so come along….
A: I will be making some sweet modak for lunch today will get a few for us (one for each of us…)
Me: Yey!!! My Favorite….
A: will get in touch with “L” and let you know….

After 15 mins….

A: “ L” says she will come only if she can bring something along….she says she has some Bhel chutneys already made in the fridge and so she can get them along ..
Me : That’s perfectly fine… I have the ingredients for Bhel with me (I always have the ingredients as it’s an easy snack to be had with tea)
A: see you at 4.00pm

                           SOYA- POTATO FILLING

I felt so happy to be able to invite my friends over with no much effort and as they too got something with them they were also happy to be a part of it….

Now this party was a party with others contributing but one can invite someone  spontaneously and plan to make something like this a TOASTED SANDWICH, A SIDE DISH CAN BE GOT FROM A TAKEAWAY AND MAKE A NICE COLD COFFEE OR MILK SHAKE .
You can give a great party with minimum efforts…
About the second party I gave it a week after this one but sorry I did not take any pictures and the menu was...
Noodles (restaurant ...)
Dahi wada (made by me...)
Chutney sandwich...(chutney made by me...)

Monday, September 20, 2010


First thing first please please excuse me for the photographs taken , When I took the photos they would not come right I did not realize why? but now i know that it was because the battery was low and so some one of the photo is not very clear...

So here is LUNCH BOX NO 3


Lunch box , for which, the maximum efforts were put in for making the parathas the other two were made in a Jiffy.

If you roast the Rava or semolina the night before or even if you roast and keep it in the fridge with measured portion enough to make sheera for 3-4 times Its only putting in the milk ,water , sugar and cardamom powder in the morning which will take not more than 10 mins all together.

                                                              THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, September 16, 2010


I made Idlis yesterday with sambhar for dinner and wanted to pack some for my sons lunch box...

Its not possible for him to carry sambhar to college and so I decided that I would cut them into small pieces and just give baghar or tempering of mustard seeds , a little asoefotida , curry leaves and finely chopped green chillies.
You can garnish this with finely chopped coriander leaves , freshly grated coconut and a little lemon juice which is optional.I also sprinkled some Idli chutney powder which is store bought in the oil at the end before adding the Idli pieces... Its hot and tangy and gives the simple Idli a dress up and makes it interesting to eat...
So, Lunch box no 1 contains tangy spicy Idli fry....
For Lunch box no 2, I gave him mango jam-butter sandwiches (spicy-sweet) combination.... 

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010


I try to plan my lunch boxes in such a way that I have to work for one and the other one is quick and easy .
I will be making a post on my lunch box planning and how I put it on paper and try to match the taste and the efforts put in making it... 

The above lunch box has:
ONION PARATHAS (recipe in my earlier post)
SEMOLINA OR RAVA UPMA (quick and easy to make)

I added some besan shev in the third cute tiffin box for garnishing on the upma when he eats...

Here ONION PARATHAS took some time to make but if you make the stuffing and the cover the night before they can be made in a jiffy without any efforts and they are very healthy and filling for your child.
This upma takes exactly 10mins to make if you roast the semolina in ghee a night before (pre-preparation is very essential, I normally roast about 1/2 kg of semolina and keep it in the refrigerator and it lasts for a very long time.)

I am sending this entry or post to this site which I think is wonderful

for the event on LUNCH BOXES

Sunday, September 12, 2010


Its ganesh chaturti time and you will find that this is one dish that is made at least once during the ganpati celebrations in homes and served as  prasad or offering to lord ganesha.

I make this in a large quantity and  distribute it among all devotees who come for arti (prayers) at our society annual ganesh chaturti celebration.

I get a lot of pleasure when I do this it makes me feel happy to be able to connect with others through my food and that's a blessing. 

When someone comes out of the way to tell you that it was very tasty and to wants to know how it was made,makes you feel out of this world .....

I also make this for my sons lunch box to eat just as it or stuffing it in wheat flour atta , and rolling it like a paratha .You can say it tastes like a sweet paratha.(remember not to put the dry-fruits when you are making a paratha as it will make it difficult for the paratha to be rolled and will tear in places where the nuts are coarse).

I got lots of requests ,after reading my earlier post to put in the recipes of the dishes shown in my photos.

so here is the recipe of SWEET SHEERA.


2 cups rava or semolina
13/4 cups sugar
1 cup milk
1 cup water
cardamom powder
cashew nuts, raisins , almonds (all are optional ).
Ghee for roasting the semolina and also for pouring on top after the whole thing is done.
Saffron strands (optional)


1.Take a thick bottom pan and put ghee into it
2.Roast the rava or semolina till it changes colour and becomes light brown.
3.Take it out on a plate
4. In the same pan add water, milk,cardamom powder and your dry fruits
5. you can pour in the sugar at this stage or after the semolina is      added.
6. add the roasted semolina and stir till thick.
7. drizzle lots of ghee on top before serving.
  You can also pour saffron strands soaked in warm milk just the way I have.

                                                                 THANK YOU!!!!

Thursday, September 09, 2010


My son loves fried onions He has this with curd rice or with Dal rice  i.e I normally cut onions fine add chili powder, haldi powder and a  little salt to taste and then coat it with a little coarsely ground rice flour .
This I fry on the griddle in a little oil till nice and crispy .A very simple recipe but yummy!!! ( I will make a separate post of this recipe sometime and give a tutorial) .
Now , I wanted to make this into something nutritious and filling for my sons lunch box , so I added a little besan or chick pea flour to this mixture while it was still on the griddle and let it cook for sometime and finished it off with a little sugar,lemon and finely chopped coriander. 
Just add enough besan or chick pea flour  for the onion mixture to come together and form a soft ball like consistency which makes it easier to stuff  it in wheat flour dough that you knead for the covering of the paratha.
So out of this idea was born my onion paratha which turned out to be very tasty ... Give it a try.....


Cover: You have to take about 2 cups of wheat flour (will make          about 4-5 large sized parathas)
           Make a well in the center and add about 1 tbsp warm oil
           salt to taste .
           Knead this into a dough.
Stuffing; 3 Large onions finely chopped
             One tsp chilli powder, one tsp haldi powder
             1 tsp Dhania-Jeera powder optional
             a little lemon juice about 1/2 Tsp
            1/4 Tsp sugar to balance taste.
            1 Tbsp besan or chick pea flour.
            finely chopped coriander leaves added at the end.

Procedure for making the stuffing is as mentioned above, add the besan when you see that the onions are nice and crispy and soft and cooked .
Stuff this mixture into a ball of wheat flour roll and fry on both sides till brown and ready
You can serve it with a bowl of fresh curds, mango pickle , ketchup ,or  coconut chutney
You can pack it in your kids tiffin box its healthy and nutritious and also stays for a long time.
I am linking this to this site eat at home cooks 
Where she is having an "Ingredient spot-light " event.
check it out and add some of your recipes too...

Wednesday, September 08, 2010


I am back again into the lunch box phase of my life...
I need to make 2 lunch boxes which are substantial enough to keep hunger pangs at bay. i do that for 5 days a week Saturday  and Sunday being a holiday . and i am really very excited about it...


Why is it that I love packing lunch boxes ?? Hummmmmm....

                               FRIED RICE WITH SCRAMBLED EGGS AND BANANA

I know why, I feel good when I can pack a nutritious tiffin box or boxes for my son, I know that I am fulfilling his nutritional requirements .I put in lots of effort in planning a proper meal for him . I never pack a box just because I have to give it to him but because I want and He wants to have it in his tiffin. 

                                                               CHOCOLATE CAKE

                                            CHUTNEY AND CHEESE SANDWICH      

  Here is a link for the  GREEN COCONUT CHUTNEY     
While planning I also have to take into account if the food will last that long and whether it does not taste yucky!!! when cold...(although hot food is always what a person loves to have) , but here in India colleges don't provide a microwave to their students.


His timing are quite hectic he leaves home at 7.15 am and is back by 7.00 pm and so misses out on breakfast and lunch too.

                                                 VEGETABLE PULAO

So I have to pack lunch boxes which will give him enough calories and that they should not be too cumbersome to carry , as he travels by bus , than train and then again a bus to reach college (If you know Indian traffic and Indian crowd) you will know that its a tough ride jostling and pushing through a crowded train or bus to reach your destination.

                                                              SWEET SHEERA
find this recipe in my next post.....
And so, I have made a list of all the things that he prefers for his tiffin and then I have made two columns
one for lunch box No 1, and Lunch box No 2.

                                                     EGG MAYONNAISE

I try to balance the preparation in such a way that I have to put in the most efforts for only 1 lunch box while the second can be made within 10-15 mins with a little bit of pre preparation.
Then I have made days like how people have ironing day, laundry day etc for homemaking I have a dosa day, a paratha day, pulao day.Not that i stick to what list I have made but it helps me when I run out of ideas for the next days lunch box.

That's what happened today , yesterday I had some guests at home for dinner and so by the time i finished everything it was 1.00 at night and so I did not have the patience to plan anything. But when the time came in the morning for me to make his tiffin box I took the easiest option of it all and it turned out to be good he enjoyed eating it .
all the above boxes have been featured in my earlier posts.

I am linking this to this wonderful site which is so helpful for moms like me who have to and offcourse love to pack healthy , nutritious lunch boxes for their kids.

You can go here to see the other lunch box updates...

Thursday, July 29, 2010


I had a lot of buttermilk in the fridge yesterday and i was thinking of ways to use it and the idea of making dhokla from scratch cropped in my head .I never make dhokla with chana flour i always get ready packets which give me really good dhokla .

I am sharing this recipe with you because I am proud of it as i tried it totally on my own and by using my own quantity of ingredients and it turned out really very good.


1 cup besan or chana dal flour
1/2 or a little more of butter milk (actually i poured it in till the batter got the right consistency)
A little grated ginger.
salt to taste
1/2 tsp sugar
1/4 tsp baking soda or ENO


1 tsp rai or mustard seeds
a little asoefotida
green chillies cut into big pieces
curry leaves

finely chopped coriander and fresh grated coconut for garnish


Take the besan or chana atta in a bowl
add the buttermilk to it till you get a runny consistency
add the salt , sugar ,ginger and mix thoroughly ,then finely add the baking soda
apply oil to a pan and pour this mixture into it, let it steam on medium till done it takes about 15 mins.
once out of the pan cool and cut into small pieces.

Take a kadai
Add oil and give tadka i.e tempering of rai,hing,chillies and curry leaves.
Immediately put in the dhokla pieces.
Stir so that the whole tempered mixture coats the dhoklas
finally add finely chopped coriander and grated coconut.