Saturday, September 27, 2008

LUNCH BOX 2..chutney and cheese sandwich

Although getting up early to prepare the lunch box is quite a bother, the planning , the preparation and the presentation is something that i look forward to...
I have been making lunch boxes everyday for 6 days a week as there have been no public holidays in the last few days.

There is lot of rush at the time the lunch box is packed and you will see me being on the edge all the time, till my son finally is out and on his way to college...
I try to take pictures of my lunch boxes but sometimes its difficult to arrange everything and take so nice pictures and that depends on the menu of that day if its something that’s easy, something that I can complete packing, arranging and putting it in his bag (This is important- as the day I don’t put it in the bag it remains on the table).

.But whatever said and done i love doing these little things for him as this is the time he needs me and there will be a time when he no longer needs my help and will be independent and thats the time we miss what we do for our kids so i believe that you should do as much as you can for them, when its possible for us and acceptable to them.
Chutney sandwiches are real life savers, and so last week when i had very less time to cook a good meal for tiffin,and so i gave him chutney sandwiches and added cheese slices to it
you will have the chutney recipe here.
For those who would like to have the green chutney right here.
One cup coconut grated
2 green chilies
½ cup coriander leaves
3 cloves garlic,1 inch ginger
marble size ball of tamarind
½ tsp sugar.
salt to taste
Very easy, just grind all the above ingredients with minimum amount of water .Your chutney is ready . its is a very delicious spread for bread sandwiches.


Monica said...

i cannot access any of the recipes under "here". Is there a better way to access all of your recipes?
great photos-you have an artistic eye for color!

vivari said...

hi mahek
the pics have come out really good.
send us more lunch box recipes

deepu said...

Nice pics Mahek. Do share some recipes for 3 yr old's lunchbox. You have nice ideas.

Mahek said...

for 3 yr olds the most versatile veg is an pototo , which gives them the required carbs and the energy for their active life style..
so you can make
potato or batata vadas(less spice)
french fries
potato bread sandwich or toast
sweet suji halwa or sheera
even little uttapams are always welcome
will tell you if i come up with new ideas
Thanks for visiting

Anonymous said...

Hey have been checking your blog for sometime but somehow could not post earlier. You surely have some magic and more importantly PATIENCE to set up all this and present!
Good job and keep it going..will certainly try and take tips from you. One needs to really ENJOY cooking and serving to be able to come up to this..HAPPY DISHING :)


deepu said...

Thanks Mahek. Good ones.

Mahek said...

Thanks friends for your encouragement and thanks Madhavi for your sweet words.

Nicole said...

That chutney sounds delicious! Thanks for the great recipe!

yumyum said...

U r son is in college and takes a lunch box thats gr8!! I used to cringe when my mom packed me "dabba" as i wanted to eat college canteen chinese food and spend the weekends with a stomach upset LOL. I am doing a lunch box thing on my blog but for my hubby my son is only 2 and not yet in school.

Kitchen Flavours said...

Wow makes me drool.