Friday, August 15, 2008


There are days when you just dont feel like cooking for dinner, after the whole week of planning and cooking for all three meals you sometimes feel off ...
But having a boiled potato in the fridge during such times is a great great relief and thats what happened to me yesterday i was not in a mood to cook but my son wanted something filling as he was very hungry . Now, what ***think think *** .

I have a shop in my society that sells burger bread and so came the idea of making a veg potato soya cutlet or tikki , i have prepared this before and you will find it here.
I just made it a bit different by adding finely chopped onions to it

This photograph is better than the one which was taken for the earlier soya aloo tikki . so i have improved ***yey*** do you all agree?

my son loves soya granules and they are so healthy and full of proteins so good for him and me too ( whisper....did not have to cook and something great was done)

To make it more nutritious you can add finely chopped and boiled carrot, cauliflower, beans etc.


vivari said...

I will try this too. looks good

Anonymous said...

where is the rceipe