Monday, March 31, 2008


For me EGGS are always FRIENDS IN NEED, This is one food item that’s sooooo versatile as you can make just about anything with it.

The other day I had purchased some spring onions, planning to make some fried rice,

(I don’t have many recipes for spring onions or should I say I have only one dish i.e. fried rice where I use spring onions).

It would be great if my friends reading this post know something more that can be done with spring onions can pass it on to me.

So back to the spring onions, it was already a day that they were in my vegetable compartment in the fridge and I wanted to cook something before they were stale and unappetizing.

So I decided to cook these spring onions with eggs and then mixing it with some noodles , I used my own recipe i.e. whatever I thought was right for the recipe so here is how I cooked my spring-egg-noodle.


Take a pan or wok add oil, add finely chopped onions and one clove garlic (less garlic as the smell should not overpower you) here I used the white of the onions first. Stir and let it cook for some time then add the spring onion greens and finely chopped green chilies. Let them cook for about 1 min. beat eggs (as per requirement) in a bowl with salt. Pour this beaten egg mixture into the wok and mix in the egg to form lumps let the whole thing get cooked.

You can eat it as it is or sandwiched between two slices of bread or you can have it with noodles just the way I did.



Tahn said...

Nice nice blog :)

Jj said...

This looks absolutely marvelous!

Affable and want to avantgarde said...

good recipe

Latha said...

hi mahek
can u give us the recipe for these noodles. they look delicious.