Sunday, August 19, 2007


OMELETTE BREAD this is always a breakfast which takes me out of the morning blues, the monotony of having to cook something different everyday. So it’s like a 12th man for me who always comes to my rescue in times of critical situations like oversleeping and general lethargy to wake up and do something. Not to forget, I also prepare an omelette for dinner when we have had a heavy lunch or when we have some urgent appointment and have reached home late.
I would love to know how a omelette is prepared in your house I am sure it differs from home to home.
In my house my hubby and son, don’t like to have whole cumin seeds or jeera in their omelette while I love the flavour, so to balance, I put a pinch of ground jeera powder per egg in my omelette.


In a bowl mix together finely chopped onions, a pinch of jeera powder (per egg), freshly chopped coriander leaves, salt, green chilies finely chopped and eggs.
Heat a non-stick omelette pan with a little oil. Pour the above mix and let it cook till its light brown, turn and cook it light brown on the other side too.
Serve with bread and ketchup or plain.

I have mentioned only the method as the ingredients and the proportion changes according to individual tastes.

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Latha said...

Hey Mahek,
Love the look of your omelet! I usually add a little pepper powder and some grated carrots too!
Should try it with some jeera!