Friday, August 31, 2007

MINI VEG BURGERS..............

Isn't the burger cute???
i found these mini burgers in the shop the other day and did not know what to do with them
so i made a burger pattice with boiled and mashed potatoes, boiled peas, jeera powder, chilli powder ,haldi powder , and if you like a little garam masala and crushed garlic
knead or mix them together form a cutlet or patti and shallow fry on a non-stick tawa.


I love chaat, and i think almost all mumbaikars love chaat too, if you visit MUMBAI the city where i live you will find chaat shops almost at every nook and corner . If you find a group of youngsters standing near a shop be sure its a chaat shop which serve delicious papdi chaat, dahi wadas, bhel,ragda pattice , shev puri , dahi batata puri and many more concoctions considered to be specialities of that place . I have yet to find a person who does not enjoy eating a chaat.

I forgot to mention the very important chaat item which people are seen gobbling up...
I love dahi wadas the most, for which the recipe you will find
here . i decided to combine the recipe of dahi wada and make it a little bit more nutritious by adding the following things sprouted moong, soaked and cooked kabuli chana, and some mashed spiced potato.

The recipe remains the same as for the dahi wada , here you will see that i have added the sweet and sour dates chutney made using dates, tamarind,jeera,chillipowder and jaggery .And garnished it with finely chopped coriander.

Sunday, August 19, 2007


Corn, I feel epitomizes a rainy day for me,
I feel there is no greater feeling or the experience of having a hot “butta” or roasted corn on such a day.

CORN SELLER ROASTING FRESH CORN(check out the matching dress of the little girl)

I have pleasant memories of the early days of our married life when we used to take short weekend trips to nearby places like lonavala , khandala . we used to go out when it rained heavily ,stood under one umbrella and used to devour these hot coal roasted corn which were roasted in front of you on a cart and garnished with chaatmasala , red chili powder and salt.


Both the types are so different from each other in taste and looks, i love the sweet corn for its juicy and sweet taste and it can blend well with any curry, soup and even as a garnish or snack.

The roasted corn you see in the above pictures are roasted at home on my gas stove and not purchased from the vendor you see in the picture above.


OMELETTE BREAD this is always a breakfast which takes me out of the morning blues, the monotony of having to cook something different everyday. So it’s like a 12th man for me who always comes to my rescue in times of critical situations like oversleeping and general lethargy to wake up and do something. Not to forget, I also prepare an omelette for dinner when we have had a heavy lunch or when we have some urgent appointment and have reached home late.
I would love to know how a omelette is prepared in your house I am sure it differs from home to home.
In my house my hubby and son, don’t like to have whole cumin seeds or jeera in their omelette while I love the flavour, so to balance, I put a pinch of ground jeera powder per egg in my omelette.


In a bowl mix together finely chopped onions, a pinch of jeera powder (per egg), freshly chopped coriander leaves, salt, green chilies finely chopped and eggs.
Heat a non-stick omelette pan with a little oil. Pour the above mix and let it cook till its light brown, turn and cook it light brown on the other side too.
Serve with bread and ketchup or plain.

I have mentioned only the method as the ingredients and the proportion changes according to individual tastes.

Thursday, August 09, 2007

ALOO-EGGS .......

I love to cook breakfast; it should be filling, interesting and nutritious.
I am always on a lookout for good breakfast recipes which can be swapped in place of dinner if the need arises.
I found such a recipe on a Marathi program on television which was good and I tried it out the very next morning.



3 medium sized potatoes cut into cubes.
2 medium sized onions finely chopped
1 small tomato finely chopped
4-5 eggs as per requirement
1 tsp chili powder
½ tsp haldi powder
½ tsp jeera powder.
Salt as per taste
Coriander for garnish.


Take oil in a pan and add the onions and fry

when the onions turn translucent add the tomatoes and stir.

The mixture will leave oil after sometime.

Now add the cubed potatoes, cover and cook till the potatoes are ready.

Add the powdered masalas. Add salt, the Aloo mixture is now ready.

Take the eggs and break them on the potato mixture taking care that you spread the egg white evenly. Leave the yolks intact on the potato mixture.

You can garnish the egg yolks with finely chopped coriander. Serve hot with toasted bread


My son loves everything made with soya granules , so here is the recipe of soya aloo tikki which is so much like the corn tikki which i did here.
This is a simple recipe and can be eaten in various ways you can have it with ketchup , or like a soyaburger or roll it in a roti or chapati or eat it with toasted pita bread and some cabbage mayonaise sandwich.
you can add the soya granules to the recipe of the cutlet given above . treat the soya granules as per the instructions on the packet.

Sorry about the photo its not very clear....

Sunday, August 05, 2007


A couple of months back I had made RAJMA TACOS a fusion dish which had the Mexican tacos and Indian style rajma masala

Today to satisfy my thirst for innovation I made a fusion which has chat item with a main course item. Believe me it tasted great!!!
You will find the recipe of Rajma in my earlier RAJMA TACOS post which you can find here

Rest of the procedure is simple
Take sevpuri top it with rajma masala and garnish with sev and chat masala.
You can add tomato ketchup or cheese on top which is optional.