Friday, July 13, 2007


Nowadays i read a lot of blogs which have bento lunches i.e Japanese way of packing there tiffin box , in boxes that are called bento boxes . I see that Japanese people eat very healthy food and stir fries form a very important part of the bento box , they have all sorts of stirfries with various sauces that are available , they have their combination of noodles and sauces.
But in India , the number of sauces available are limited and so is the no of noodles .

so i dont depend on the sauces or the noodles , i make stirfries with all the vegetables in the market and i dont use any readymade sauce i use only garlic,pepper and salt which is enough to make it tasty, as it retains the original flavour of the vegetables used.

For the above stirfry i have used onions, cabbage,carrot and sweet corn. I not only eat it as it is but also make sandwiches and wraps with it.


Asha said...

Looks delicious Mahek.You don't always need sauce for Pasta.This version looks great too.
Hope you are doing well there.My 100th post is out,take a peek:))


what is the concept "stir fry ' How do you make this particular stir fry ?

Mahek said...

Thanks for visiting my blog
STIR FRY is as the name suggest only stir frying the ingredients marathi'talasne'keep them crisp and crunchy to retain the flavours and the nutrition.

Cynthia said...

Hi Mahek, thanks for visiting my blog and helping me to discover yours. I was not sure which one you check and post most often at but I am going to follow Asha, she never leads me astray :)

I do admire your work here and am confident that I will learn many things. I have added you to my blog feeds so that I never miss another of your posts.