Wednesday, April 04, 2007


Just a couple of days back my little sister who is in the US mentioned to me that she was going to her friends place for a couple of days, and her friend had planned to cook PANINI for her, I had not heard of a Panini before, on inquiring I knew that it was what we called a veg /non-veg grilled sandwich.


After this newly acquired knowledge, the very next day I went on my usual round of the local upcoming supermarket. The bakery is a place which I never fail to visit as that’s the place that gives me some sort of exhilaration. I have always loved bread since my young days and in India bakers are not adventurous when it comes to baking bread, though it has improved considerably over the last couple of years.
I love to see the various types of bread being baked and trying out the bread freshly baked.


So when I went to the bakery to check out what was baked fresh on that day, I saw a new type of bread roll which I had never seen before. On enquiry the baker said that it was
“PANINI BREAD”, wow!!!! I thought Panini bread in India, and as per my habit I purchased it .I was told that I was the first customer who had purchased it, as it was the first time they had baked such bread.
Back home I was thinking of what would be the filling for the Panini sandwich. I did not have any chicken, nor did I have any mushrooms [that’s what I usually use for a toasted grilled sandwich].
Last week I had purchased a box of Soya granules and my son had been behind me to cook something with it. So I decided to give it a try and made a spicy vegetable using Soya granules { I did not click the picture of this vegetable cooked and ready, so I will be making a separate post only on Soya granule vegetable }
The sandwich was superb and an ideal combination with the panini sandwich and a hot cup of filter coffee.