Tuesday, March 20, 2007


I have to pack a lunch box for my son on Tuesdays and Thursdays as he has to go for his classes directly from school.
I have to pack for him, a tiffin every morning which has to be ready before 6.30 am.
This tiffin he eats at 10.00 for his school recess and so I usually pack something nutritious and filling for him. I have not been able to click photos of the morning tiffin boxes as it’s too early in the morning to be able to cook and click.

Today I will be posting about the Tiffin that I carry for his lunch.


PRAWN’S PULAO the recipe for which you will find here.
This time I have added peas and carrots to make it healthier.
Papad which according to him goes very well with rice {actually, he like’s papad with everything}
Some dates for added nourishment
And a packet of kissables for fun.
I usually pack a tub of curds with such a meal but I could not find to go and buy one.

A SIMPLE BUT NUTRITIOUS TIFFIN which has rice, prawns, peas, and carrots so all the components of a healthy meal are taken care of.

This will be my entry for meetas DAILY TIFFIN "Show Us Your Lunch box."



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Anonymous said...

nice lunch. looks good and is nutritious too.


Meeta said...

Oh My Mahek! This looks lovely. A Prawn pulao - I also live the dates. Thanks for the entry!