Wednesday, March 07, 2007


My son loves pizzas i.e he likes everything that has cheese in it.
This is a quick pizza for kids who are on a run and need something to bite into quick.....

I am just putting in the method as the ingredients are approximate.
Take a ready made pizza base.
smear it with equal amounts of tomato ketchup and red chilli sauce[you can make the mix and keep]
chop onions , capsicum ,and tomatoes finely.
crush them with your hands , you can put a little pepper powder or ajwain in the mix
layer them on the pizza base
spread with a lot of cheese.
bake in an oven till crisp and ready


Sanjana said...

Loved your idea of tiffin box pizzas. Nice presentaiton of the pizzas. Thx for sharing this here.
Chk here for a different pizza topping idea:


my wife also makes Pizza's in the same manner but on the Gas in frying Pan