Monday, March 12, 2007


I have prepared a moong dosa before, you will find the recipe here but this dosa is a little different, I feel dosa is a very versatile dish to be done, you can just change some of the ingredients and make it into a new dosa recipe altogether and I am always trying out new dosas as they are favorites in our house. The same goes for parathas you can make a parathas out of any and everything. I will be blogging various types of parathas in the future along with dosas off course.


1 cup udad dal
2 cup green moong dal
1 or 11/2 cup rava /semolina.
Add a paste of ginger, green chilies and coriander to this batter. [This is optional]
Salt to taste.


Soak udad dal and green moong dal for about 5-6 hours or overnight if you are making this as a breakfast [you can even have it for dinner as its quite filling]
Grind both together into a fine batter
Add the rava or semolina, add water and make the batter just enough thick.
Keep this for 2 hours.
You can make dosas but pouring the mixture in a circular motion on a hot griddle.
Make the dosa a little thick so that you can turn it conveniently.
Serve with ketchup, curds or green chutney if you do not add the optional items.


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