Wednesday, March 07, 2007

LOVE 4......


I love to paint although i dont paint often nowadays i used to be very passionate about painting when i was younger, as time goes by and you are caught up in the humdrum of life , you tend to keep some things away and concentrate on other things which take priority .
when you do something creative you need to be in that state of mind , and its not that you can just pick up a brush and paint something, it has to come from within you and it has to capture your mindset and make you want to do it , thats the only way you come up with real creative things.
Its been really long since i have sat and painted something which really takes up my whole concentration , but once i start i am sure i will be doing and sharing my paintings with you .
I love still life and portrait painting.
This is my very amateur effort at painting , I have no proir training.



you are a good artist I must say

Jean , N Z said...

Those are very nice paintings and you should be very proud of them.Jean T