Friday, February 02, 2007


Last weekend we spent at Talegaon which is a small place about 21/2 hours drive from Mumbai we went there just to relax and unwind.
We went there on Saturday and for those who know me by now will know that whenever I visit some place I am more interested in the food culture and the locals than in the historic importance of the place. While my hubby is the opposite
So our trips are made with the intension of satisfying both of us.

Food plays an important part in my travel quest , hence when I visit some place I love to eat the local food or the specialty of that place and try not to go to any high end hotel where the food is the same as that in a normal mumbai restaurant.
In my earlier post, I have mentioned about the breakfast we had while on the way to Talegaon , now let me tell you what we had for lunch , we had our food at a restaurant called KULDEEP which served thali food , all Indians must be knowing what a thali is – it’s a plate full of various food items in katoris or bowls. The food was great very reasonable and filling we had more than our fill in the limited amount which they served.


Latha said...

Hi Mahek,
The thali looks so delicious! I am so hungry now!
Keep telling us and posting all these lovely pics and inspiring us!


Intend to take break at Talegaon and visit KULDEEP.

By the way is it run by Kini family?

Mahek said...

i was just visiting so i do not know who the KULDEEP restaurant is run by sorry..
you will like the simple food.

Mahek said...

thanks for visiting my blog
i am happy that you like what i have for you all to see.
i love to click pictures that show our day to day life.