Thursday, January 11, 2007


This is the first time that I have tried making this dish and it’s for my entry for JFI for coconut.
This dish was commonly made for breakfast by my grandmother, my mother-in-law and many of the older ladies in my family , but I was never fortunate enough tasted it nor did I try to get myself to prepare it ‘I wonder why’ .
So when I read of the event , I just wanted to do something new something which I had never tried before and something that was popular in the yester years , now with lots of changes in the food culture and customs we seem to have forgotten the old recipes , but after tasting this bhakri or for others who are new to this word I will say PANCAKE
I realized that “OLD IS DEFINITELY GOLD”
My hubby was very happy with the end result and polished off his plate before leaving for work.
So I am sure that this will be a ‘must do…’ breakfast item in my house.


2 cups wheat flour
1 cup jaggery
1 cup grated coconut
salt to taste
water enough to get a pouring consistency about 11/2 cup
ghee for shallow frying


Mix all the ingredients together to form a thick batter.
Heat a griddle or tawa, apply a tsp of ghee.
Take a little batter in tip of your hand and spread it with your fingers on the griddle in a circular motion.
After 5-6 mins turn it over ,
Let it cook on the other side till you see brown spots
Remove and serve with ghee.

Tip: Some ladies did add a green chili finely chopped to give it a little spicy tinge .

This is my entry for Ashwinis JFI for coconut..

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Raksha said...

I am following you as I loved you recipes.