Monday, January 29, 2007


Over the weekend I had been to my friends house at Talegaon in Maharashtra. My friends stay in Mumbai but they have a house in Talegaon where they can rush off to to avoid the hustle bustle of the city life.




Its about a 3 hours drive from mumbai and so we left quite late i.e. at around 7.30 in the morning
Talegaon is a lovely place, very quite, peaceful and the weather is especially very good.
While on the way we took a halt at a nice place which was called FOOD MALL and we had their specialty
Batata vada , missal pav and a hot glass of cardamom tea.
The batata vada was especially very delicious , I could not click the missal as by the time the vadas came in ,I was busy eating them while the others had their share of the missal .There was nothing left on the plate for me to click.


indosungod said...

Batata Vada looks delicious, I am curious about the red chutney/side dish I see besides the vada. What is it looks delicious too!

Mimi said...

That all looks good, Mahek! Cardamom tea — looks interesting.

Mahek said...

The red chutney beside the vada is garlic chutney which is made with dry coconut,garlic,a little tamarind,salt and sugar.
it takes great with sandwich bread too , its my sons and brothers favorite.

Thanks for visiting inspite of being busy.
yes you have to put in crushed cardamom seed while boiling the tea leaves and milk is also very essential
have you ever had ginger tea , that too is tasty on winter morning.
you can have a combination of both cardamom and ginger too.

jacob said...

nice pictures there. looks so yummy. and i envy you for that trip., Mehek. that's what's so great about India, you're never too far away from food fit for kings.

meena said...

I asked one road side vendor, recipe for red garlic chutney,

he said . "to tell you truth, we sun dry the left-over Pav (indian bread) on roof of our hut , then grate it, add red chillies &Garlic,
the quantity of Khopra if added is very little.
That justifies the price of Rs.5 for vada Pav with unlimited TSP of red garlic Chutney powder. ha ha

as to add Khopra, coconut scrapings is un-economical