Thursday, January 11, 2007


There are times when my son suddenly realizes that he is very very hungry and wants something tasty (according to his taste) and during such times I am always at a loss of ideas. you know, I always like to make something instantly ,but which is made at a moments notice with some innovative idea.
Today morning was such a day he was back from school early as his unit tests are going on and he was hungry for something new.
He has his regular demands which I am always well equipped for like maggi noodles , macaroni cheese, omelet bread, roti with ghee and jaggery etc….
But today he said “ mamma make something different”
So here I was looking around in the kitchen to make something “different” which I had never tried before and I came up with this


Some garlic bread cut into small pieces
One cup milk
Chopped green chilies
Chopped coriander leaves
1 tbsp lemon juice
butter for toasting the bread
salt to taste


Toast the garlic bread pieces with a little butter till they are brown on both the sides
Take 1 cup of milk in a vessel and let it boil
Put the lemon juice in the hot milk and stir
You will get soft paneer in seconds.
Take the paneer in a bowl and discard the whey…(water after making the paneer)
You can add coriander,chillies to the paneer and a little salt
Spread it on the hot toast and serve
Isn’t it easy to make, nutritious and tasty…


shilpa said...

Looks very good Mahek. Great instant idea :).

Anonymous said...

very nice idea.looks yummy too. I loved your chicken with naaan bread. will try that