Thursday, September 28, 2006


This is my mother in laws speciality , and the favorite of my son and hubby.
i always believe that each person has a special touch for what he prepares , only when it is prepared with genuine interest and love.
My mother in law cooks very well and whatever she does , it always almost tastes the way it did the last time. There is lots of consistency in the cooking and that makes the dish perfect, hence in our house , there are certain dishes which , inspite of knowing how to cook, i have never tried cooking them and the reason being that whenever i make it in the same way,same ingredients , same method it will never taste the same, so i prefer that the person who is an expert at cooking that dish should do it and see the family relish it.
this bendi bhaji is very simple but tastes great when my mother in law prepares it .


300 gms bhendi chopped into medium pieces (you can see the way i have chopped it)
1 tbsp coconut for garnishing.
mustard seeds,
hing or asafoetida
curry leaves
green chillies
1/2 tbsp sugar
salt to taste


heat oil in a pan. add the mustard seed when they splutter add hing green chillies and curryleaves.

add the washed ,dryed and chopped bhendi to it.

do not add water or they will stick to each other.

cook open ,do not cover for sometime,

when the bhendi are semi cooked add the sugar,salt and grated coconut.

bhendi should be just cooked not over cooked.

the vegetable is done

This vegetable goes very well with hot fish curry .

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Mimi said...

That's lovely Mahek! I just learned what asofoetida was this summer when I interviewed a cookbook author who now lives in Wisconsin but is orginally from your corner of the world. I will try to find the story and send it to you.