Saturday, September 23, 2006


This is a favorite chutney in my house. usually green chutney's are made of coriander,mint,green chillies,ginger and lemonjuice and thats what is used for sandwiches . but we being goans and goans having lots of homegrown coconut in their house (offcourse in goa- not in mumbai, i have to buy my coconuts). The goan chutney is altered to suit the raw material ready at home .


One cup coconut grated
2 green chilies
½ cup coriander leaves
3 cloves garlic
1 inch ginger
marble size ball of tamarind
½ tsp sugar.

Very easy, just grind all the above ingredients with minimum amount of water .
Your chutney is ready . its is a very delicious spread for bread sandwiches.
In the picture you see I have used a loaf of garlic bread which I toasted in an oven and
Then spread the chutney.
I use this chutney with jowar,bajra and nachini bhakri (these are thick rotis which are very healthy , bhakri is prepared daily in villages to provide the hard working farmers the robust meals that they need after a hectic day in the fields.
We make it here in cities too but once in a while . but they are nutrition packed.
I will do a post on the bhakri and show you how they puff up on a gas stove.
In villages a bhakri is done on a chulha or a fire which is lit using wood sticks .
This chutney is very versatile you can even have it with fried fish it tastes yummy!!
You can have it with snack items like crispies and khakras too…


Foodie's Hope said...

Looks wonderfully colorful and yummy!! Good chutney for all kinds of snacks!! Thanks!!

Mahek said...

thanks for visiting

Anonymous said...

So simple to make !!Wow!! For sandwiches I just grind mint, cilantro, green chilies and lime juice with salt...this is something new:)

Alden DoRosario said...

Oh .. I love the Goan chutney sandwich. My mother-in-law makes it when she comes to US. Ensures that I have my breakfast :-)

Patricia said...

Thanks a ton,Was specially searching for this recipe

Anonymous said...

I used to love green chutney sandwiches - we only used to get them for birthday parties so it was extra special. Thanks for reminding me - I shall make some for my Mum's 80th birthday party!

Anonymous said...

i liked the receipe for chutney and i will be very thankful to u if u could give me the receipe for bhakhri.jowar bajra or nachani since i am a diabetic patient.

than u in anticipation.

vinita mascarenhas

Mahek said...

Thanks for your comment and visiting my blog
Bhakris are very simple they can be made with only one type of flour i.e Ragi, Jowar or Bajra but as I cannot make it in a rustic style I mix half and half with wheat flour atta and knead it and roll like a regular chapati and let it rise on the gas stove...serve hot(imp)