Saturday, July 29, 2006


I always have all types of flours in my house, because I feel that when you have these at home sudden quests do not frighten you. I make lot of things with various flours, the basic being the maharashtrians “bhakri” which I cannot make the way the older generation does. But I have invented my own way of making bhakri and that is mixing wheat flour with any flour like nachini, jowar, bajri or makai and roll out think chapattis and let them puff up on the gas stove. Bhakri is served with a dollop of ghee on top.
Today I made CARROT MIX FLOUR PARATHA to send as my entry for JFI # 4


Two cups finely grated carrots.
One-cup wheat flour
One-cup bajri flour
One-cup jowar flour
One-cup rice flour
1 tsp ginger-garlic paste
1 tsp chili powder
½ tsp haldi powder
1 tsp dhania jeera powder
½ tsp sugar
1 tsp amchur powder or lemon juice
You can add finely chopped coriander or kasuri methi this is optional
1 tbsp ghee or oil
salt to taste.

This is a very simple paratha
Mix all the ingredients together add minimum water for kneading the flour mix, as carrots leave water, which can make the dough soggy.
You can add more oil while kneading.
Make balls roll into a paratha
Cook on a hot tava
Serve with garlic chutney and dahi.


santhi said...

Thank you so very much Mehek.
I have a toddler and I am sure she will like this paratha a lot.

Anonymous said...


I like the ingredients - seems very healthy. I have a few questions before I try because I have a very, I mean very picky, eater.
1. Are these parathas soft enough for a 5 year old?
2. If I make in them the previous evening and pack in the lunch box for the next afternoon, do they stay good?
3. For how many days they stay good?
4. I tried similar recipe, my own, which does not have rice flour. The roti fell apart, I could not tranfer it onto the tawa, and the few that I managed were thick and did not cook through even after 30 minutes for each.
How long does it take for each paratha to cook?
5. What kind of heat do you use?(High, medium etc)

I know I have a lot questions, but I really like the ingredients, the way yours turned up in the photos. I am desperate for lunch box ideas for my 5 yr. old.

I hope you answer them .


Mahek said...

thanks for visiting my blog
you can ask me anything i will reply as much as i can.
they are very soft and can be easily eaten by a 5yr old.
I always make my fresh parathas for me son for his tiffin , I usually knead the dough and then roll them out in the morning.
you can make them and store it in the freezer. you can pack in 5-6 parathas in a silver foil and then freeze them and eat when required
if you cook rotis , it takes a little more time than a roti and all the other ingredients do not take time to cook.
i cook them on a hot griddle just like a roti on amedium flame.

Geetanjali said...

Nice blog ! I was looking for some nutrition lunch ideas for my 5 year old ...she loves indian food and hates sandwhiches. I like this carrot paratha recipe. will try it soon.
thanks for posting it.