Friday, July 14, 2006


A sandwich is the most innovative and versatile food, which are acceptable on every occasion. Open or closed, single or decked, flat or rolled, sweet or savoury, hot or cold there are sandwiches with fillings and toppings which will take a life time to describe.
I am very fascinated with bread and I love to try all types of bread and sandwiches. In India, bread has not been here for very long people usually eat rotis or paratha with their meals.
With changing trends and food habits, lot of people eat out, hence this trend of eating a lot of bread is slowly encroaching into the Indian culture, not that I am complaining as I love bread and all the products made with bread, may it be BURGERS, SUBS, ROLLS, WADA PAV (AN INDIAN SPECIALTY) OR GRILLED TOAST SANDWICH. I love to try dishes made of bread.
I always search for new types of breads in India but there are very few available, to the local crowd. We get something that is called pav, which are small bread and regular sliced bread.
With lot of shopping malls and bakeries cropping up everywhere in mumbai I can see that soon we will be able to taste a lot of varieties of sandwiches and bread.
I have managed to find a bakery at a newly opened mall in mumbai, this bakery makes foccacia bread, garlic bread , wheat bread, buns and a lot of bakery items.
So in future you might find me making sandwiches with the variety of breads that I find in the bakery.
Blogs have been able to satisfy my curiosity regarding the types of bread available all over the world. In meeta’s blog – daily Tiffin I could see so many varieties of bread that are available in Germany.
I make many sandwiches and as sandwiches are something, that you can make anytime and for any occasion, I have many recipes for the same. Actually you do not need a specific recipe as you just have to throw in something and make a sandwich what you need is imagination.
I will be regularly posting recipes of sandwiches as and when I make them. You will find a couple before this post.
I had been to Bangkok in May and I have taken snaps of two bakeries, which I found in Bangkok.

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Anonymous said...

Nice description of bread and sandwiches. additional types of bread are Italian bread,rye,honey wheat,french,oatmeal raisin,cinnamon swirl,white wheat.I liked the pics too.