Thursday, June 01, 2006

my little kitchen.....




I would like to show all my blogger friends a part of my kitchen
My love for food also includes all things related to food as well.
I love to buy all colorful kitchen articles and see to it that I use them regularly
Hence I will call my kitchen a well-stocked kitchen in which everything is used well and regularly, I make all three meals at home and rarely eat outside food.
As I go along with blogging I will show you some of the kitchen items and crockery, which I use. In India most of the families eat out of a steel plate and use all vessels made of steel I have a large collection of steel vessels and spoons, which I use for daily cooking. Crockery is used when there are quests at ones house. although now people do use glass in daily use I think the reason behind not using too much glass is that in our houses we have maid servants doing the cleaning of vessels and it’s a risk to allow them to wash these expensive crockery .

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Latha said...

Hi Mahek,
You have such a cute kitchen. And such cute stuff! Very nice :-)
I love steel too, unfortunately I dont have as much stuff as I would have if I were in India. I do bring stuff back with me every time I visit.
Keep the pictures coming. I like your blog. Its so personal and so warm. Talks a lot about your personality!