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As mentioned earlier I had been to Thailand and Malaysia on a vacation, as we were on a conducted tour I could not click detailed pictures of food vendors and markets, which I usually love clicking, as we had to be together in a group and if you wait to click too many photographs the others who are not interested tend to get delayed.
But I would love to share some of the photos, which I managed to click first at genting highlands, which is a theme park where you can have food and fun.
They had this lovely indoor theme park which had lot of rides and food (which I was interested in…) I saw many interesting things which we do not see in India as in India street food is very different from what one finds abroad and I will definitely try to write a post on the street food of India sometime in future.
Here I found a pretty lady making pancakes and between each pancake she put a dollop of peanut butter. They are freshly made hot in front of you.
I saw a chocolate fountain at one of the counters and lots of fruits pre cut in containers.
There was a counter called STEAM BOAT ,Which had fish balls or precooked food on sticks and these sticks have to be inserted in hot water for about 10 mins which is enough to cook the food through and through and you eat it on the stick .
There was also a counter of a waffle maker there where you got these hot and crisp waffles.

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Puspha said...

Hey u were at my home. Hope u liked it there. :)

OMG!!!!!!!!!! Those steamboat......... I miss them like no other thing.