Thursday, March 23, 2006

nutritious clear soup......


This is the simplest soup that one can make and I love to make it as it is packed with nutrients there is nothing in it that should not be eaten so you can pack in as much as you like for your kids. My son loves soups and this is my trick to put in as many veggies as possible as he is not a salad person so in goes my salad into the soup. My son says “ its not a soup it’s a vegetable”. But being a hard-core clear soup fan does not protest for too long.


1 tsp butter
1 cup boiled corns or you can use a tin of sweet corn (but by using sweet corn tin the clarity and the consistency of the soup changes and you get a sweetish taste so it is best to use corn removed from the cob)
½ cup each finely sliced cabbage, carrots
Little finely sliced capsicum (optional).
One finely sliced onion.
1 vegetable soup cube.
Sugar, salt and pepper as per taste.


Take butter in a pan
Soften the onion and add the veggies all together including the boiled corn.
Let the whole thing cook for at least 15 mins on the stove.
Add the veg soup cube.
Add pepper powder, a little about ½ tsp sugar and salt to taste.
Make it watery by adding water.
you can add coriander if you like the taste I do not add coriander.

Enjoy!!!!!!! your soup nice and hot, with fried crotons if you like.


Santhi said...

U have a neat blog going on.
I really liked the photos of Goa on ur other blog.

Mahek said...

thanks for visiting my blog
and glad you liked the goa photos
keep in touch there are many more photos of goa in my personal collection which i will publish