Tuesday, March 14, 2006

my love for food.......

I love to eat good food and that does not mean expensive food, the expenditure done on food is not as important as the love with which it is made. A simple plate of home cooked food gives me much more pleasure than a platter full of exotic fruits and vegetables.I started cooking at a very late age i.e. after marriage but since then I have been hooked to cooking and eating good food. I get immense pleasure in cooking new dishes everyday!!! , But this is not always possible as one usually tends to do our traditional style of cooking as making new things takes up a lot of time which one cannot afford to lose everyday…
I feel cooking good food is very therapeutic and whenever I feel low I try to make something new which is an instant rejuvenator for me and when I get appreciated for what I do…wow… its enough to keep me going for the next one week…
I am a housewife and hence I get a lot of time to devote to food, my friends always say that I talk of food all the time. But I feel it’s always better to talk food then to gossip right????.
Food plays an important role in my life I cook, eat, talk, write and read about food.
If anyone ever asks me what gift I would like it’s always a cookbook, I have so many of them. (Off course all are not gifts but many a times I gift myself a book too. I don’t need any occasion to buy cookbooks I buy them when I am happy and when I am sad so see….For me love of food is not restricted to Indian food although I have not had the opportunity to try many different types of cuisines I love to know more about all types of foods and hence the books and television are my great friends they make me aware of what is going on around the world and what people cook around the world I hope this blog helps me make friends with like-minded people who will love to share their food culture and habits with me and others like me.
Television programs like PLANET FOOD, which are telecast in India, help me know about other countries and their food. There are food programs on discovery channel too, which showcase a lot about food.
Net is a lifesaver when I am desperate to know what people cook at home in other countries. For me the homemade daily cooking is more important than the exotic food that we make when we have guests over, hence when I go visiting I tell my friends never to make anything special for me as I would love to eat the food that they eat everyday at home i.e. home cooked, fresh, simple food. I think its this food that gives you real satisfaction and you feel that warmth and affection with which the person has cooked the food for you with every morsel that you have.

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